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So, You Think You’re Pro-Life?

I am Pro-Life. I have embraced Christianity and all that Jesus taught on the subject; as a consequence I am “pro” or – in favor of – “life.”

As a follower of Jesus, I find that the word “life” is the essence of His message: eternal life, abundant life, and the preservation or salvation of life, at every level. For that reason I should reasonably adopt a term, position, and worldview, which glorifies Jesus and acknowledges Him as the author of “all” life.

It is at this point that a fundamental question arises however; is the term Pro-Life completely honest? At face value the term “Pro-Life” is indicative of a spirit which is radically in favor of life, at every level; but the popular use of the term only means that I stand against abortion. As a Christian the term doesn’t legitimately represent Christ’s view, which always sided in favor of life, so you can see that there is this problem of complete honesty.

When we hear the term “pro-life” our feelings immediately gravitate to the abortion issue, when actually it should stimulate us to recognize a universal worldview held by, and instituted by, Jesus, which necessitates a common worth and dignity be applied, in all respects, and at all stages and levels regarding life.

A beautiful term, “Pro-Life,” which I am proud to wear when understood accurately, has been reduced to a single issue. When the popular definition, constructed by man, of the term, takes root and produces fruit, it consequently becomes a dishonest term, which confuses and divides Christians into, a limited pro-life vs. a radical pro-life stance, the one, based on the popularity of a movement, and the other, based on the spirit of Christ.

Here is something else to think about.

Those who represent the anti-abortion side are deemed “pro-life”, and those on the other side, and do not oppose abortion, are not pro-life.

Again, is this completely honest?

Those who oppose abortion are not necessarily pro-life, as Jesus was pro-life. A more accurate definition should be pro-live-birth. Similarly, if those who do not oppose abortion stand against murder in all other respects, i.e. war, political assassination, capital punishment, etc., are they not, in all actuality, any less pro-life than the pro-life advocates?

Personally, I have decided to start using the term, “Pro-Life,” in a legitimate way – a way that represents a Christ centered and complete understanding way, not just for the unborn, but for the already-born as well.

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