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Psychology’s Fight Against the Word of God


In the Evangelical Protestant Church of the world a “Creeping mold” has presented itself and barely an eyebrow is lifted or anyone taken noticed. This creeping mold is humanistic Christian Psychology. In less than a century it has taken over the Christian counseling ministry of the Church. For two-thousand years the Church didn’t need it, now the Church can’t do without it. I left the commercial Church, of which I was a member for 40 years, when I found the Anabaptist. After a short spell here I discovered that the creeping mold of humanistic Christian Psychology had made its way to this guarded community also. For the commercial Protestant Church this plague has gone too long for a cure, but that is not the case for Kingdom Churches. It is here, and it is being promoted, and the Church sits by quietly, but it must act. Psychology and Christianity are not compatible. Psychology is of this world and should be viewed no differently than government, the military, suing in courts of law, or participating in marches for social justice; the door needs to be closed and locked against this creeping mold.

Satan’s attempt to infiltrate and to sabotage the truth has reached near completion in these last days. He has always had a single goal, since his exile to planet earth, and that is to conquer the minds of men and to build, for himself, a kingdom in opposition to God.

The primary weapon that he uses in this warfare is “The Lie.”  By getting man to believe the lie, that men can discover truth apart from God, he is able to handicap man’s search for truth and incapacitate his essential faith. By incapacitating faith he blinds mankind to the Kingdom of Heaven, which requires faith, and causes man to look for truth in the material world of his surroundings using a broken and corrupt instrument, the mind. Granted, we can sense fragments of truth through the use of our minds but it is not THE truth, it is a compromised and blended truth that has been spiked with the subjective truth of materialism. All truth discovered by psychology is tainted and can not be trusted. If we accept the “discovered truth” of psychology we do so at the cost of trusting God through saving faith. God has told us “Lean not on your own understanding.”

Is all truth God’s truth?

With one forbidden bite Eve destroyed the relationship between God and man. Today men and women are still debating the idea set forth by the enemy who asked, “Has God really said that you shall not eat from any tree in the garden?” “You will not certainly die, the serpent said to the woman. For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” With the advent of “Christian Psychology” men and women now see, “That the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it.”

Nearly the first words to come out of the mouth of those who support psychology when they are confronted by a Christian is, “All truth is God’s truth,” therefore they conclude that it is good to eat and to share with others. I know the popular saying amongst psychologist saying that “all truth is God’s truth” and used by the marketers of Christian psychology to lure their victim into the trap. Is it not true that there are hundreds of personality theories and virtually thousands of psychological techniques? How do you determine which, if any, are truly God’s truth? Are they all “God’s truth”?

Is the Bible sufficient to deal with our needs?

We need to look at the Bible’s claims. Second Peter 1:3 states that through His power, God “has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness, through the true knowledge” of Christ. He goes on to specify that this gift consists of God’s “precious and magnificent promises,” which, of course, are contained in His Word. Furthermore, 2 Timothy 3:16-17 states, “All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work.”

Psychology claims that, contrary to God’s word, it can discover new truth through a study of the mind, this is only partly true. It can discover a process of thinking which men use to communicate, manipulate, and exist in the world, but this is hybrid truth and not real “truth.”  But, Scripture itself concludes that “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure—who can understand it?”

The mind of man is what makes us unique. The mind has the ability to create. We consider a thing and desire it, then we rationalize it, then we design it, then we consider its properties and gather materials, then we build it, then we consider how much money we can  make from its production and how many people we can persuade to use it, and if our heart is more black than white then we can use slick marketing techniques to manipulate and temp or even to destroy people and nations. Like our Father our minds are vast and complex but unlike God our minds are corrupted by sin and untrustworthy.

Psychology is the wisdom of this world and is in opposition to God (see Psalm 1:1-2; Isa. 55:8-11; Jer. 2:13; 1 Cor. 1:18-2:16). It is for this reason that so few will be able to get through the “strait gate” and to walk on the “narrow path.”  To claim that psychology can do what Christ can not do is to mock Christ. The leaven of the world can not be mixed with Scripture, to do so is to attempt to defy Spiritual laws. Likewise you can not mix modern Christian psychology with the simplicity of Scripture without destroying both.

There is so much more to be said on this topic but long articles are not normally read so I will stop.

For more information please visit Psychoheresy Awareness Ministries

One reply on “Psychology’s Fight Against the Word of God”

Steve, I’m glad you believe that Evangelicalism still has a chance to escape the clutches of psychology; but like most other trends in Christendom, I don’t see recovery for the outward, visible manifestation of Evangelicalism. Psychology is too pragmatic to be discarded now, and which seminaries are not training pastors to counsel in this way? Precious few! Like evolution and other “truths” of the secular world, this one is no longer up for debate within organized religion… But I appreciate your post very much! David

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