Freudian Slip

Have you ever heard of a Freudian slip. Well I’m no fan of Freud but I do believe many of the things we let slip come from deep reservoirs of unconscious prerogatives we adhere to, even if we don’t voice them. Our heart will cause our mouth to say things against our will and show to the world our hypocrisies. Political double standards are best kept secret, but on rare occasions we are given a peek of the truth that lies at the heart of the issues. How we understand these “slips of the tongue” should govern decisions we make at the poll.

Carla, at More Books and Things has put us onto a rare find; see what you think!

Steve Blackwell

One reply on “Freudian Slip”

My guess is that for this to come out of his mouth, and for him to not even realize it, means his “Muslim” faith was on his mind before the interview.

I don’t believe he is honest about what his true beliefs are and I don’t really believe he has any Bbilical ones.

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