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Chuck Colson


Was Chuck Colson a Christian?

I don't know. You might ask, "is Billy Graham a Christian?" Again I don't know; but they are both alike in many ways, especially with their embracing of the Vatican. What we do know is that Chuck held to a Christianity that is fashionable today, and very much political and ecumenical. As normal average Christians we would probably find it hard to go one-on-one with a man of Chuck's talents and intellect, and his skill in debating. But, privately, we should be able to draw certain conclusions, if we know and believe our Bible. I, like Moriel Ministries, find it hard to explain how such a person, as Chuck Colson, or Billy Graham for that matter, can discount plain Biblical teaching, and historical evidence, concerning The Roman religion of Catholicism, and come away calling them brothers in Christ. For me, it is incomprehensible.

Moriel Carol helps to bring the issue into perspective. For anyone seeking truth the article becomes important in combating the flagrant errors being propagated in nearly every religious building across this nation, by men who are lifted up as ones to whom respect is due. There has never been a more crucial time when discernment is needed.

Steve Blackwell



Chuck Colson

In John’s Gospel Jesus spoke of those who persecuted Jewish believers but who thought they were serving God while doing evil (John 16:2 -3). These however were those who so acted because they did not know Jesus or His Father; Chuck Colson however was a man who did evil and claimed to know Jesus and to be “Born Again,” the title of his book detailing his testimony of claimed regeneration.

Colson was the lead author of the” Evangelicals and Catholics Together” (ECT) agreement signed by Pat Robertson,Calvinistic author JI Packer, John Kent of The Church of the Nazarene, and the late Bill Bright. The document accepted Catholicism as scripturally Christian without reference to the fact that while the true gospel teaches that the blood of Christ cleanses from all sin, in Roman Catholicism one atones for their own sin in purgatory and salvation is  not by a second birth regeneration but by ‘ex oper operato’ sacramental rituals. for the complete article 

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