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Another Word on Violence

I have had the opportunity to speak on the topic of violence the last couple of Sundays. I endeavored to communicate that as far as the listeners sympathized with the spirit of violence that there exist a fault in their understanding of Christ’s mission and spirit. Violence is the same as committing murder. This idea of linking our thought life with the actual deed, although Biblical, will win very few friends and not a few stares. I look with astonishment on good men who are apathetic toward the violence of warfare or self-defense but I understand completely why a world, without Christ, would trust in violence to solve their problems, for them, it is a matter of necessity. In essence, there is no difference; Christians lacking faith are driven by necessity also. We hear a lot about the violence against Christians but not a word about the violence of Christians. Christianity has formed a massive fraternity of believers who promote and justify violence. Time is running out, we must get our theology correct. Are we really supposed to follow a sacrificial Lamb?

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