Think Dear Christian

The Founder of Christianity has abundantly demonstrated and substantiated both by the many teachings of His religion, and by His genius and spirit, as a total system of life.  What was His example?  He could have commanded armies, or he could have crushed all the rulers and repressive powers upon earth, if He so desired.  But He did not avail himself of such power.  Christ surrendered Himself, a passive and harmless lamb.  But someone might say, and quite honestly, that “Christ was placed in a very peculiar circumstance; that no human being could fill; and that He then gave Himself a ransom for mankind.”  But, while this is fully admitted, we are told by one of his apostles that, in the very act of His sufferings for the human race, He left us an example – so that we should follow in His footsteps.  Therefore, all confusion is taken away, by that single expression.

Think, dear Christian, before you blindly follow the multitudes who travel in the “broad way,” and like a crazed mob, take matters into their own hands, and do those things not Christian.

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