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“180” Movie

Ray comfort has done an excellent job of forcing his listeners to face the reality of government sanctioned murder. Please take  half an hour and watch this video and let it be your 180.


Steve Blackwell



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The last 9 minutes of the movie are total Law & Gospel. That's over 25% of the movie. This is how Ray chooses to witness. Don't be critical of how he does it, tell us how you do it. We are all called in different ways.


I can appreciate your concern, and I have to agree with you on a certain level.

I did, for many years, use apologetics as a witnessing tool, and found myself winning many arguments. Apologetics as used by Ray Comfort in this video is not the best method, in my opinion, to preach the Good News.

Thanks for your comments. I think others will agree.

Steve Blackwell

I guess I am weird. personally I do not like the 180 movie. Yes I am a Christian, yes I am pro-life, yes I like Ray Comfort and feel he has encouraged people to be witnesses for Christ. What I don't like is the mish-mash of Christianity/evangelism/Hitler/pro-life/etc. in the movie. All these topics and more are covered – and that is alot of ground to cover. Each of these deserves it's own "movie" if you will to cover it sufficiently. But the biggest thing for me is this: God never says that a movie is going to change people's hearts. This only God can do. We christians are told about every 3 or 4 years or so that "THIS movie is really going to save people!" Who saves people? God does, and He doesn't use movies. Sorry guys but He doesn't. He uses His word, He uses preaching and He uses witnesses. The gospel changes hearts and the gospel is largely missing in this film. What is shared is buried under all the other information. Ray is a good communicator and can argue well. He is forceful and can convince people. But without a true heart change, the folks in the film and those who watch are not going to believe differently than they do right now. It's the gospel that is God's ordained means to change lives and hearts, not films.

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