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Celebrating the 500th Year of the Radical Reformation

We here at IndyWatchman are celebrating the 500th year of the Radical Reformation while others are celebrating just the regular Reformation which has given us the greater part of the apostasy we are witnessing today. While it was the Radicals who gave us “believers baptism” and “separation of Church and state” all the credit was […]

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The Paralyzing Fear of Persecution

  Why is it that discernment ministries are afraid to address the topic of nonresistance even though I believe that some of them are nonresistant, at least in principle? During the Reformation there were three things that caused great distress to the Reformers Zwingli, Luther, and Calvin, and they were: 1) The separation of Church […]

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Modern Idolatry

An idol in the Bible is always a representation of something real that people replace for God. They may offer it love, worship, prayers, and offerings; they may even pray to God in its behalf for answers to prayer for its protection. In other words, idolatry is the tendency in humanity to assign a religious, […]

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The Obscurity of Truth

  After struggling for some time with the meaning of Christ’s words in Matthew 5:39, “Resist not an evil man” I finally came to realize that they meant, “Resist not an evil man.” I had always understood the words but now I was shocked at the way I had understood them. It is no mystery […]

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  Violence  A View From the Wall Introduction Can anyone read the news and not come across a headline that announces some act of violence somewhere in the world. Whether conflict between nations, civil wars, terrorism, or some mixture of both, the twenty-first century has seen no decrease in war, terrorism, and bloodshed. Why is […]

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The Social Club and Society

The social club that many people belong to, known as the “Church,” has a few unwritten rules. The top rule and most important to remember, if you want to keep your membership active, is to never touch on the sins of other members, even incidentally. It is quite okay to enumerate the sins of those […]

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Consider Carefully your True Allegiance

To my Christian brothers and sisters: I have put two links here for you to read concerning your involvement with the things of this world, and at this particular season that would include politics and voting. There is a lot at stake, not with the leading of this country, but with the things we have […]

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Everywhere I Turn

STEVE BLACKWELL·SUNDAY, JULY 31, 2016   Everywhere I turn in the New Testament I find confirmation to the doctrine of non-resistance to evil. Paul in his writings confirms non-resistance in many places, but I never expected to find confirmation in his epistle of joy, the letter to the Philippians. How many times do we do […]

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The Great American Myth: American History, Part 4

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series The Great American Myth: American History

The Prototype of the Pilgrims/Puritans Jesus never addressed the idea of the colonization of other nations in any of His teachings. What Jesus spoke a lot about was how Christians were to treat and interact with other people. One of the simplest and most poignant of His commands is the “Golden Rule”, “Do unto other […]

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The Lesson of the Lamb

Christ’s example to us is richly illustrated, demonstrated, and exemplified by way of His many teachings and in His genius and spirit. He could have easily commanded armies and defeated every corrupt ruler and coercive power on earth, if it pleased Him. But He did not avail himself of such power. Christ yielded Himself, as […]