Rick Warren’s New Magazine Promotes the New Global Spirituality

When I go shopping I am always amazed at the high prices and low quality of the merchandise I purchase. I dislike cheap craftsmanship, especially when I thought I was buying “quality.” If I buy something from China, I get what I pay for. I know, going in, that the quality will not be there […]

Eden’s Bridge – El Shaddai

Grace has a way of softening a heart. I have been a Christian for many years, and serving the Lord of all creation is not a thing I am ashamed of, but there is a thing I am ashamed of, and that is that when I look into the face of the Lamb, I am […]

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The Gospel Coalition???

There seems to be a smell coming from this coalition and it is emanating from the area of Mark Driscoll.  I know that there are many who support Mark and his filthiness, and that is O.K., that is their prerogative, but it is also the prerogative of others to warn the “unsuspecting” away from the […]

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Blessed Adversity

Anyone who knows of J. Hudson Taylor (1832-1905), founder of the China Inland Mission, knows that he is a man of deep spiritual awareness and integrity. The wisdom he expounds, although spoken of plainly in Holy Scripture, appears old fashion and out of sync with modern Christianity, but it is no less than the very […]

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Simply Christians

And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch Acts 11:26 Which are we? • Jewish • Catholic • Protestant None of the Above! If we are none of the above, then what are we? Infidels?  Heathen?   Materialists? Moslems? Buddhists?  Cultists?  It could obviously cover a lot of ground.  How about this one: Simply Christians […]

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Thoughts about “THE SHACK” Please Take Time to Read:)

This is an e-mail that I received from a very well respected friend, who in turn received it from a friend, and has given permission for me to post it here,  concerning the book “The Shack.” I have never read the book but Have researched it enough to know that it is a successful product […]

The Voice: A New Bible For The New Age

2 Tim 4:3-5 “For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to […]

Bob Dewaay’s reply to Rick Warren Meeting

K Jentoft, a member of Twin City Fellowship, where Bob Dewaay is lead Pastor, has sent this letter as an introduction to the follow-up of Bob’s meeting with Rick Warren. There has been much speculation because of this meeting of adversaries in the “truth war.” Some were ready to write this meeting off as an […]

A Rare Message: Will You Stumble?


Here is a sermon that most people, in the New Age Church of the 21st century, will never hear. Most church planters will find in this sermon instructions on how NOT to grow a Church. But, what we WILL find in this sermon, if we understand the Bible, is the laying of a solid foundation, […]

An Open Letter to Eagle Church

Initial Contact with Kerry Bowman Head Pastor of Eagle Church Kerry, I have become very disappointed in the path the Church is taking. I especially am upset with the way you openly link arms with the world in this leadership simulcast thing. What advise can the world give the Lord’s people on how to conduct […]