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On Giving Thanks

This week is Thanksgiving and many of us will come together and give thanks to our Lord for the blessings he has blessed us throughout the year. I believe that, for most people, the “thank you “ part of Thanksgiving is the most boring part. It has been relegated to mere ritual, where the most […]

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An Open Letter to Eagle Church

Due to the increased interest in this letter I have decided to re-post it. It was originally posted 2-18-2006. The letter contains many thing that will assist others in approaching their Church leadership and in making the hard decisions of whether or not to leave organized religion and to seek God on His terms apart […]

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Brokenness And Discipline

What does our physical circumstances have to do with the spiritual life of the child of God? Watchman Nee, in the sixth chapter of his book The Release of the Spirit, displays much spiritual wisdom in answering that question. The many grains of sand that make up the mountain of tribulations, that we very often […]