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Blind In One Eye

Right up front I want to say that I have a great amount of respect for all those who are fighting to expose this end time religious delusion that is sweeping across the face of the planet.   But, the fact is that if we fail to see how we, ourselves, have also been defrauded […]

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Little children, keep yourselves from idols

from Embassy of Prayer by glennchristopherson The Apostle John finishes his first letter with these words (1 John 5:21) “Little children, keep yourselves from idols” At first glance this instruction seems to be out of place, but on further reflection it becomes clear, this is actually a summary of all that had been written before. Idolatry is […]

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Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together

I would like to introduce you to a friend of mind named Glenn Christopherson. I haven't known him long, but the lose is mine. Please take the time to read what Glenn has to say, he is an excellent writer with deep insight, who can help us all see more clearly in these tough times. […]

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Redefining the Redefined Church

To redefine something we must first know the correct definition. That would be a reasonable assumption, wouldn’t you think? Yet, the organized church, which has been redefined many, many, times, and has given birth to many more sects, of which have, likewise, been redefined, is in a death struggle to maintain its present definition as […]

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House Church″>

For the past five or six years I have been trying to get the word out about the overarching intrusion of evil into mainstream Christianity. The result of this effort, for me and my family, has been to withdraw from institutional Christianity and to worship and be instructed at home. I would like to say, […]

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God’s Word Shines Light Upon End Times Apostasy

Roger Oakland is back after a near death accident that stopped his commentaries from shining the light of truth in the eyes of the Deceiver. His words are hard to read by those entrenched in the apostate church, but many have responded as the Holy Spirit awakens His sleeping elect, and calls them out and […]

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The Perils of ‘Wannabe Cool’ Christianity

Being part of a "cool" church is, well, cool. For thirty something years I have watched the organized church grow in coolness till, like a gigantic pimple, it has grown to an ugly infected mass of putrid worldliness. Quite honestly, the organized church is beginning to stink with its attempt to cover-up any trace of […]

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Organic Leadership… JESUS’ HEADSHIP! The World System’s Methodology The Gentile system (that Jesus said we must NOT use in the Church) is filled with authority pyramid structures, programs, gimmicks, marketing, psychology, advertising, titles, schedules, meetings, etc. Jesus didn’t do any of that. HE is the Church and our “model”!! That stuff is clearly not Him! : ) “As many […]

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C.H. Spurgeon – Church Entertainment

  I'm in the mood to pick a fight, and I think I have found a subject that will lose me more friends than talking about their mother, and that is, talking about their idol god, the entertaining television. We must be entertained! Many use it to get their minds off of their misery. Mothers […]

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The Menace of the Religious Addition and Gadget

Many "churches" love to quote Tozer,  to attach to themselves, his radical message and nature. Although Tozer preached hard against the Church wedded to the world he remained a part of the organized church to his dying days. This fact has did much to dilute his forcefulness and diminish his authority for the preservation of […]