This is Personal: Northwest Warriors Basketball

I do not normally put personal stuff on the site, but there are exceptions to every rule, especially where grandchildren are involved.

I,m not a great sports fan, but I live in Indiana and so sometimes I do get a little squirrely in March during the Homeschool basketball playoffs. My grandson is a junior this year, and plays very well; and is a good sportsman. His team, the Northwest Warriors, took their team all the way to state, and lost in the final round. It was a tough loss, but the boys kept their integrity. They did get the chance to go to the Nationals in Missouri, which is where he is right now. In typical fashion our Warriors gave their all and then gave some more in Wednesday's battle with #1 ranked Houston. We led much of the first quarter, fell back by 13 at the half, played them even through the 3rd… to within 8 in the 4th, but got into foul trouble and could not get over the top losing by 14.  It was clear our Warriors gave them much more than they expected. They had Thursday off and play conference rival St Johns Michigan Friday. Fridays game was a heart breaker as the boys went into double overtime, losing by 25.

My wife sent me this video from the game (she didn't do the recording) showing Thomas and my grandson Caleb, both made All American honors, in action. Thomas' three point buzzer beater took the team into double overtime. Caleb #23 is shown getting a lot of air to block a shot.



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How frustrating! They were so close to making that touchdown in the last inning!  😉
You have every reason to be proud.  And homeschooled too!  So are my youngins! 

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